Th Alexandria Windows & Doors

Th Alexandria Windows & Doors is proud to bring our customers only the best windows in the industry, paired with our top-of-the-line installation teams, and great warranties to back it all up! That is why Alexandria only uses windows that are made from a 100% uPVC Powdered Vinyl Compound – NO ADMIXTURES  – NO PLASTIC FILLER  – just pure, brand new extrusion, virgin vinyl. While other companies have experimented with adding different plastic fillers, and even adding wood shavings to their vinyl extrusions in order to make their production costs cheaper, Alexandria will never sacrifice the quality of our products for production costs. Alexandria is so confident that your windows will last, that we give you a lifetime and beyond transferable warranty on your windows, and their installation!

Alexandria’s Manufacturing is done by Home Guard Industries, located in Grabil, Indiana. Home Guard opened their doors in 1983, and began manufacturing steel security storm doors. Keeping security a key component of every product they manufacture, Home Guard now has multiple lines of Windows and Entry Door systems, available with hundreds of custom options!

With the industries best warranties, and unparalleled energy efficiencies, Home Guard Industries make the industries best vinyl windows and custom hand made entry doors. For more information on Home Guard Industries, click here to visit their website.

Alexandria’s Installation Teams are all fully licensed and insured! We take installation seriously, and only allow the best installation teams to work on our client’s homes. After every installation, our client’s feedback on their experience during installation is delivered directly to our management team. At Alexandria Windows & Doors, all installation teams are required to maintain 5-star feedback from clients in order to maintain their position with us. If you leave us feedback of less than 5 stars for your installation, our management team will follow up to make sure your needs are satisfied. We never leave clients in the dark, and will work to make thing right in any situation. We would not be so highly rated online otherwise!

Alexandria’s Window Frames are made of a 100% uPVC Powdered Vinyl Compound. When filler materials are added to the vinyl during production, the frame’s integrity is weakened. We only use pure uPVC in order to offer our lifetime warranty on the frame. Once a vinyl extrusion is made, it must be attached to other extrusions to form the frame. The two ways of manufacturing vinyl window frames is mechanical fastening or fusion welding. Mechanical fastening is when the vinyl extrusions are fastened with screws. Mechanically fastened windows are cheaper to produce, and do not last as long as fusion welded frames. At Alexandria, we only offer fusion welded frames. Fusion welding is a process in which the vinyl extrusions are heat welded together, forming a permanent air and water tight seal. Wood and Fiberglass are not able to be fusion welded. When looking for longevity, fusion welded vinyl frames are the frames that last the longest. 

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