The Leader in Stone Veneer Siding Solutions for Homeowners

Alexandria Home Solutions is proud to partner with Silvermine Stone, the nation’s premier stone veneer siding manufacturer. When you work with Alexandria, you can trust that the design and installation of your siding will exceed all manufacturing standards. Your home will have the most aesthetically pleasing curb appeal in your neighborhood.


Protecting Your Home from Water Intrusion with Waterproof Stone Veneer Siding

When you want quality stone siding, you need Silvermine Stone. With a unique patented flashing and fastening system, your mortarless siding will prevent water penetration into your siding. No other stone siding manufacturer can make this claim. Because of Alexandria’s relationship with Silvermine Stone, each installer is thoroughly trained and certified to install your home’s stone veneer. Contact us today to discuss how this product can enhance your home’s appearance.

A home with new stone veneer siding installed by Alexandria Home Solutions.

Increasing the Value of Your Home with Affordable Stone Veneer Siding

As a provider of Silvermine Stone’s full line of natural stone aesthetics, including both the Belterra and Mid-Century Modern products, Alexandria offers homeowners dozens of unique and creative options in a wide range of colors, makes, and styles. Incredibly, stone veneer has one of the lowest total cost solutions (when factoring in material and labor expenses) compared to most other types of stone siding. You achieve not only substantial cost savings, but your home also receives the added benefit of having the look and feel of authentic stone.

Easy-to-Install Stone Veneer Siding for Homeowners on a Budget

Discerning homeowners want the best for their homes. Stone siding has a reputation for improving a home’s appearance. However, historically, stone siding has been known to be unaffordable to many homeowners. The time to install stone siding translates into expensive labor costs. 

Alexandria Home Solutions understands that homeowners want a product that looks like natural stone but without the sticker shock. Silvermine Stone’s stone veneer addresses that need. If you have questions about how stone veneer siding might work for you, reach out to us to obtain a quote or sample. 


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